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_HEIS (on the wall) Kunstinstallasjon

Anaïs Volpé, Frankrike, 2016.

-heis (on the wall) er kunstinstallasjon bestående av ulike medier, både fysiske og digitale, som peker på både spillefilmen og web tv-serien. Med sin kombinasjon av gammel og ny teknologi (VHS og HD), et hypersamtidig og nostalgisk blikk, fanger Anais sin generasjons tidsånd, barn fra 90-tallet og voksne fra 2010-tallet. Kunstinstallasjonen har blitt vist ved gallerier i Paris, London og Rotterdam, og vises for tiden ved et galleri i Paris.

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_HEIS (on the wall) art installation

Anaïs Volpé, France, 2016.

_heis (on the wall) is made of digital, sounds and visual arts works in connection with the feature film and the web series. _heis (on the wall) is an artistic installation which mixes ART and Digital, it deals with the despair of a generation that will never be truly poor but only rich of itself. The art installation has been on view in galleries in London, Rotterdam, and is currently on view in Paris.

"Where are we coming from ? Where are we going ? Do we remember the last time our mom carried us? Nostalgia of a period we will never know. Kids from the 90’s, adults of the 2010’s. Kids’ memories against minimum wage or the opposite, I don’t know anymore.
The fear of rising terrorist attacks in the world. The fear to be the first generation who won’t be able to help their own children. Listen to news loop. Youth, Parents. Family, Guilt. Listen to the mother’s voice. The duty to stay with her or the right to leave and free ourself from her? Notion de quête de rêves, de sang, de vie. Collages and VHS. Patch things up and try be one. Past, present, future. Uncertain youth wishing to have a future. »

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