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Foto: Mats Gangvik

Foto: Mats Gangvik

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Gjestekurator Sarah Schipschack leder en 16 mm workshop på AMIFF i regi av Polar Film Lab, en analog filmlab basert i Tromsø. Verkstedet er åpent for alle og krever ingen forhåndskunnskaper. Barn er veldig velkommen. Ikke gå glipp av den unike sjansen! Gå heller ikke glipp av Polar Film Labs "live cinema performance" tilknyttet workshopen, fremført av Britt Al-Busultan fra Finland med 16mm prosjektorer, håndlagede filmruller, speil og diverse gjenstander. Les mer om gjestekurator Sarah og hennes kuraterte kunstprosjekt på årets AMIFF på side 14-15. Les mer om Polar Film Lab, 16 mm verkstedet og performancen "Razzle Dazzle" her.

About Polar Film Lab

Polar Film Lab is an association providing a place for analogue film in Tromsø and it is unique in Norway. The lab is a local and international platform and we supply working facilities, film screenings, master class and workshop to improve the opportunities for artists working with film and create a place for exchange and engagement of ideas and experiences around filmic creation and expand the knowledge around analogue and experimental film. Our aim is to keep analogue film alive and accessible and to promote its transformation into the future. With the ever-evolving conditions surrounding analogue filmmaking, it’s vital to have local film labs to provide working facilities, knowledge, and both a creative and conceptual framework surrounding analogue film. This not only facilitates and maintains the practice of filmmaking, but also furthers its development and adaptation into the future as well as enhancing its hands-on qualities through local characteristics.The lab is runed by their founders Emilija Skarnulyte and Sarah Schipschack.

Foto: Mats Gangvik 

Foto: Mats Gangvik 


The Polar Film Lab will direct a filmmaking workshop on AMIFF where the participants will learn to manipulate the film material by painting, coloring, spraying and masking to create an own 16mm film. The aim of the workshop is to introduce all the participants to basic of abstract, handmade filmmaking. We will give all participants a blank film stripe and we provide all materials to make your own analogue film. The handmade films will be shown in the end and we will use different techniques, e.g. double projections and sound manipulation to widen the experience of making your own experimental film.





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