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Jon Eirik Kopperud film programme

Valuta (2019)

Valuta (2019)

Harstad Cinema / screen 2

Røveren (The Robber), 2016, format: 35mm to HD video, 23 min

Politiarbeid, (Police work) 2019, format: 16mm to HD video, 27 min

Valuta (Currency), 2019, format: 35mm og 4k video to DCP, 35 min

Kopperud works with filmatic staging that in various ways creates and breaks connections between body and language and between sound and images. He has produced a new cinematic art project, Valuta (Currency), in Harstad and Oslo for AMIFF 2019.

Premiere at the opening Thursday 17 Oct, 19:00 hrs, Harstad Cineam, screen 1.

About Valuta (Currency):

The film Valuta takes place in a parking garage and a hotel room. Three unidentified bodies are brought forward, while they bring forward excerpts from the book Dialogues on Metaphysics and Religion from 1688 by the French philosopher Nicolas Malebranche.

The film was shot in Oslo and Harstad during the summer and fall of 2019. It is being presented for the first time under AMIFF.

About the artist:

Jon Eirik Kopperud. Foto Kristian Skylstad

Jon Eirik Kopperud. Foto Kristian Skylstad

on Eirik Kopperud (born 1981, Kongsberg, Norway) lives and work in Oslo, and has his education from Statens Kunstakademi. He has prevously exhibited in institutions and galleries which incluedes amongst other Henie Onstad Kunstnersenter, Høvikodden (2019): Plum Trim, Nesodden (2019); Gustav Vigeland Museum, Oslo (2017); Come Over Chez Malik's, Hamburg (2016); Oslo Kunstforening (2014), Noplace, Oslo (2013); Malmö Kunsthall (2013); The Armory Show, New York (2013) and Galleri Christian Torp, Oslo (2012).

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