Lene Berg

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Lene Berg is a Norwegian artist and filmmaker originally trained as a film director at Stockholm's Dramatiska Institutet. Her work includes installations, performance, film, photography, and text-based works, and she often draws her inspiration from documentary material. She has produced a number of projects in public spaces and directed three independently produced feature films: En Kvinnas Huvud (A Woman’s Head), Kopfkino (mindfuck) and GOMP: Tales of surveillance in Norway 1948-89 (Gompen og andre beretninger om overvåking i Norge 1948-89).Working without preconceived concepts or established norms, her projects are incised, humorous and often outside the cultural consensus. Berg uses moving image, installation, text, and photography – her projects often contains all of these mediums. One could say Lene Berg's production invests in reforming and reshaping storytelling. In her moving image works, Berg investigates questions about truth and falsehood, reflecting political issues in personal stories from our recent cultural history. By merging facts and fiction, her moving image work interrogates in contradictions and how history and storytelling is made and narrated.

Lene Berg visits AMIFF presenting her latest film False Belief, together with her partner og and main character in the film; Delano Greenidge.

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