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Galleri NordNorge

Parallell to the festival, Hilde Hauan Johnsen opens her solo show LUMINOSITY in the local gallery, just behind the cinema in Harstad. Privet View Saturday 29 October, 14:00. Free.

Orchestrated audio-textile installation is a good descriptor of Hauan Johnsen's work with fiber optics. Theatrical elements are an integral component where the effect of light is predominant. Light in general is a recurring theme in textiles that are inspired by the landscape. While most artists draw attention to light, Hauan Johnsen uses artificial light to create works that are light emitting.

For more than a decade Hauan Johnsen invites viewers to enter a realm of luminosity and transparency. She creates installations comprised of intricate bundles of thin fiber optic cables, i.e., plastic fibers conducting light along their length. An artificial light source is placed at either end of the cable. The light then travels along the cables, a process called total internal reflection. Tiny points of light appear along the entire length of an intricate bundle of thin cables.

The site-specific installations occupy large, dimly lit spaces and incorporate sound. End radiating fiber optic cables only emit light at either end, therefore the cables must be “damaged” by applying sandpaper to the surface, thus allowing light to escape. Recently the artist incorporated side radiating fiber optic cables, eliminating the need for modification.

This exhibition shows 3 different approaches to luminosity: The fiberoptics installation, the RE:MAKE Mogstad paintings and Behind the curtain: the curtains changing color by the influence of sunlight.

Earlier Event: October 29
Later Event: October 29