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The Green Lie

Harstad Cinema / screen 2



A | 97 min | Original version with subtitles

Environmentally friendly electric cars, sustainably produced food, fair production: Hooray!
The big companies would have us believe that we can save the world just by buying the right stuff. But this is a widespread and dangerous lie. In his latest documentary, Werner Boote (PLASTIC PLANET, EVERYTHING'S UNDER CONTROL) joins forces with Katharina Hartmann, an expert in greenwashing, to explore how we can fight back against this lie.

Cooporations and governments exploitation of indigenous peoples in both Brazil and Indonesia emerges in the film as a parallel to the destruction of nature in these countries, as a modern form of colonization. Here similarities can be drawn to Norwegian conditions, which is why we have chosen to show the powerful art film The Sami Have Rights by Elle Marja Eira and Mai-Lis Eira, as a pre-film for The Green Lie.

Director: Werner Boote WIth: Werner Boote, Kathrin Hartmann, Noam Chomsky Original title: Die grüne Lüge, Vienna / 2018/ 1 t. 33 min. Language: English/German. Subtitles: English

Earlier Event: October 20
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