New Team Member

Please meet Helene Eggen, who will be assisting festival director Helene Hokland, both on programming and production. Eggen holds a master's degree in Media Studies with specialisation in Film Studies from the University of Oslo. The title of her thesis was "Tsai Ming-liang's faces; auteur, art filmmaker and multi-artist". She is currently working on various documentary and short film projects, and studies Culture and Management at the University of South Norway.

Eggen's thesis puts the Taiwanese artist and film-maker Tsai in the broader context of arts and film history, with continuity and intertextuality across, not only his filmography, but his entire artistic career, and argues that his films are innovative both within film and art, by exploring, challenging and uniting film genres and art forms.

Eggen gave a lecture about Tsai at the film seminar "Game of Screens. Cinefili vs. telefili" in 2014, organized by the Norwegian Federation of Film Societies in Filmnens Hus, Oslo.

You can read more about Eggen's projects in documentary and short film at her website:

Helene Hokland