Kristian Skylstad

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Kristian Skylstad is the guest curator at AMIFF 2019. His selected artists for his curatorial project are Johanna Billing, Yafei Qi and Jon Eirik Kopperud. The panel discussion is also put together by Skylstad, and the panel consists of Nicholas Norton (art historian and writer), Yafei Qi and Kristian Skylstad. The theme of this year’s festival is Truth and Myths. See the festival programme here.


Kristian Skylstad (born 1982 in Oslo) is a Norwegian artist and curator who mainly works with photography, poetry, collage, video and sculpture. His work centers around the individual’s behaviour and emotional life, he destills pervasive sociological inquisitions in to text and photography unbound by context. His work explores human issues through staging various forms of boredom, apathy, cynesism and powerlessness. Skylstad’s work is assosiated with the generation of young Norwegian artists who in the 2000’s emphezised the conceptual and postmedial. His methods trace and reactivate attitudes to Neorealismo og Infrarrealismo. The last years his main focus has been the consequenses of genocide, which has led to extensive studies and photographical prosjects in Silesia (Poland) og Cambodia. At the moment his work relates to artificial intellegence and social alienation in connection with technological development. He works and lives in Berlin and Villa Faraldi.

Skylstad has participated in the estableshing and running of several artist driven gallery spaces in Oslo. His artistic practice is combined with teaching and journalism, mostly connected with film, photography and contemporary art. He is the founder of, and member of, Noplace (Oslo), which he runs together with Petter Buhagen and Hans Christian Skovholt.

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