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Mike Sperlinger was assistant director of LUX, a London-based organisation for artists working with the moving image, for more than a decade. He is currently Professor of Writing at the Oslo Academy of Fine Art.

Sperlinger will attend AMIFF to moderate Panel discussion about art in public spaces, Saturday 20 Oct, 11am at the local library; Harstad Bibliotek.

The French film director Jean-Luc Godard once wrote that in the cinema «people are many (together) to be alone in front of the screen», whereas with television «people are alone to be many (together) in front of the screen». But, some forty years later, the moving image is developing new and ever more complex relationships to both audiences and to public space: film festivals are increasingly using unusual venues and the city at large (including outdoor spaces), whilst simultaneously we increasingly watch all kinds of moving image in the palm of our hand. A panel of curators, filmmakers and artists will speculate about where these radical changes to sites and circulation of moving images might be pointing us. - Mike Sperlinger.


Helene Hokland