Britt Al-Busultan


Polar Film Lab, i regi av gjestekurator Sarah Schipschack, presenterer en "live cinema performance", fremført av Britt Al-Busultan fra Finland med 16mm prosjektorer, håndlagede filmruller, speil og diverse gjenstander. 

Polar Film Lab presents at AMIFF a cinema live performance by Britt Al-Busultan.

Razzle Dazzle is a live cinema performance for two 16mm projectors, handmade film loops, mirrors and assorted objects. By moving the projectors around in front of the audience, a continuously shifting site specific spatial and immersive environment is created, with the intention to make it difficult to estimate the targets range, speed and heading. Flickering reflections create the experience of becoming absorbed into, or mixed up with, the physical space around, the perception of being physically present in a non-physical world.

The work of Britt Al-Busultan (née Kootstra) shows itself as “tableaux vivants,” and manifests as hand-processed analog films, film installations and live cinema performances in which seemingly everyday places and events separate themselves from our world. She currently works and lives in Övermalax, Finland, where she founded the artist-run film lab Filmverkstaden.

Helene Hokland