Andreas Hoffmann


Andreas Hoffmann is a curator, writer, researcher, lecturer, currently artistic director for Arctic Culture Lab based in the Arctic part of Norway. Studied philosophy, history and musicology in Heidelberg, Salzburg and Brno and curates since 1987 performance- , music-, andcontemporary art-festivals in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Sweden, Czech Republic as well as Norway. Since 1990 he is lecturing at several universities (Charles University Prague, PennState University, State Humanitarian University Moscow, University Salzburg, Boston University, Mozarteum Salzburg, University of Freiburg, to name a few), 2008-2015 advisor for UNESCO culture commission, 2015- member of the Norwegian Assosciation of Curators, since 2016 advisor for Public Art Norway. Andreas holds a PhD of Arts in theses about the phenomena of Nordismo in arts, a subject he is still dedicated to. He published internationally more than 40 studies. Andreas is interested in new approaches and innovative concepts to improve audience development in the peripheries where cultural workers often face a gap between programming artistic concepts and expectations of the local society due to demography as well as social and educational background.

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