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68°14 ́N + 69°39 ́N: Films from Nordland College of Art and Film and Tromsø Art Academy

We’re Going to Meet, Hamid Waheed 2017

We’re Going to Meet, Hamid Waheed 2017

Harstad Cinema Sal 2

Nordland College of Art and Film and Tromsø Art Academy, in collaboration with AMIFF, presents a programme of film and video works in the space between film and visual art. The moving image programme at Nordland College of Art and Film, include film and visual arts in the same programme to expand and challenge both fields. At the same time, the study emphasizes exploring methods for collective thinking and practice within a field that is in rapid development, both technologically and in terms of content. The Art Academy's contemporary art program is part of a multidisciplinary faculty of visual arts, consisting of creative writing, music, drama and theater, and specialization in art and culture, which allows for cooperation and exchange between the disciplines. Therefore NKFS and the Academy of Fine Arts in Tromsø are particularly interesting for AMIFF and a collaboration we seek to continue. There will be conversations with the artists and filmmakers about their individual practice after the program.

The curatorial collective Hærk, based at Nordland College of Art and Film, worked with curator in residence Erik Martinson to select the eight works presented here. In this programme, desires and frustrations are explored in various ways. This happens through a dissonance in both form and the relations within the works. Throughout the programme we delve into contradicting narratives, voyeuristic power structures and territorial negotiations. This selection of student works encapsulates diverse ways of engaging with moving images, with a variety of formal and conceptual concerns represented.



Stian Bekkvik Norway 2018 06:41

A synthesis of different voices, intentions and language. Not about the movement within the image (an illusion), but between them, and between an INT. and an EXT., a camera and a body, a light and a shadow. A mainly aesthetic experiment with free spaces for ideas, for impossible spaces, within the joints.

apokryfos 2.png

Swim with Dolphins

Malin Lin Nordström Sweden/Taiwan 2017 03:40

For a generation of dreamers, lifestyle inspiration and bucket lists are readily available online. On large anonymous internet forums, such as Flashback and Familjeliv, ordinary Swedish people reveal to each other how they really spend their evening and weekends.

We’re Going to Meet

Hamid Waheed Norway 2017 04:40

An exploration of the relationship between the voyeur and a self-directing


Skjermbilde 2018-03-26 kl. 15.55.47.png

The Other

Marianne Lauritsen Norway 2018 13:00

An approach to something that may be sexuality. But then again, maybe not.

Hilda and Maude

Øystein Qviller Norway 2018 03:26

Hilda and Maud stumbles over something that changes their lives forever.


No Man’s Land

Magnus Holmen Norway 2018 10:20

To think that our mind is connected with other people’s minds is an idea of neighborhood, a community in and with our surroundings. In No Man’s Land this idea is challenged. Should the majority conform to the interests of the community which holds different views of life? Or is it more important to hide inside your own cave?

Skjermbilde 2018-10-12 kl. 12.26.52.png


Henrik Lande Norway 2018 02:14

What do we call the big glowing things that are attached to buildings? Logo signs? Why are they so prominent in the cityscape? How do they influence us?


Franciska Eliassen Norway 2018 11:21

In Søster we’re invited into a filmmaker’s process. A voice guides us through collages, music and sound, forming a possible film about two sisters. The film plays with memories, reality and fantasy. Through this, an associative universe of larvae, ocean and mythical creatures is born.

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