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Harstad Kino, sal 2

Former professor at the Art Academy in Tromsø, Nicolas Siepen, made this film together with students there in 2014. One of the studenst, Matti Aiko, and Nicolas Siepen, will present the film. The film is shot in Brazil and Tromsø.

The film Latent River takes place in a abandoned ruin: the destroyed theatre of Casa do Povo in São Paulo. Flooded by a underground river, which springs up in the rain forest region, muddy waters transported the real and latent catastrophes of the dispossessed from the past into theatre. In these silent ruin, Latent River creates an anthology and index of variations, “short stories” and gestures framed by the catastrophe and set off a movement of resurrection and ungrounding. It tells it's story with darkrooms and gloomy light, when the warm rain is woven like silk threads into the the fabric of the big city in the south. Look look the dust is growing. A dark storm is coming, blow over clouds of glitter and purple fog at the shores of high north. - Nicolas Siepen

Latent River, 2014 (27 min), Brazil/Norway